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Steps For How to Send a Fax Thru Gmail

As part of our somehow old school traditions, there are still some people that are opting to use Fax instead of the modern technologies that we have now. However, a few years ago, the technology of sending a fax online or thru computers was not possible. It was then after some time that the innovation to send a fax through gmail was made. The possibility to fax a message or document was possible and with the help of third party solutions and Gmail. Learn about fax from Gmail on

Sending a fax through gmail is very similar with sending a regular email. You compose a message and attach documents, put on the recipient and then hit send. However, there are some differences. Sending a regular email needs the email address address of the recipient while sending a fax needs the fax number of the said recipient. Also, the cover page title and the cover page messages can be written on the Subject section and the content area.

So how to send a fax through Gmail? Here are the easy steps. First is to login your gmail account and then click and go to "Compose." Then, you need to enter your recipient's Fax number with an added "@'faxprovider'.com" depending on the fax provider that you have chosen. The different fax providers differ depending on the type of the document that you will be going to fax. Some examples of these documents are images, word documents, excel documents, etc. There are also some available providers that gives you access to free services that can last up to 30days. After securing your recipient, the next thing is to attach the documents that you need to need to fax. You can also add details regarding your mail through the cover page title and cover page message. Lastly, after finalizing all the details on your document to be faxed, you can press send. And that is now the easy way on how to send a fax through Gmail.