The Essential Laws of Minerals Explained

The Use of Lithium as a Mineral

Geological materials are what best describes an industrial mineral. They are used in industries based on their physical and or chemical properties. The industrial minerals include limestone, clay, gravel, sand, diatomite, lithium, silica, barite and kaolin. Also some metallic compounds may be included in this category but possibly utilized under a non -metallic form. The purpose of this evaluations is to determine the suitability of for use of the industrial minerals. Technical test work, end product evaluation and technical test work are the key test procedure used in evaluating the suitability of minerals. Due to the nature and type of mineral the evaluation procedures vary. They are usually extracted from a vein, lode, seam, reef and an ore-body.

The deposits form a mineral package with the main interest in economic value. Thus it safe to state that minerals naturally occur on the earth’s surface and need to be tapped as they offer a wide range of economic benefits. An ore-body may contain metals, oil shale, gemstone, limestone, coal, chalk, salt and gravel among others. The non- renewable resources include water, natural gas and petroleum. Mining processes in the recent times involve only four main activities that are crucial for any mining companies if they want to succeed. The first is surface mining and the other is underground mining. While underground mining the overlying rock is left in place and the mineral is obtained or removed through tunnels.

Examples of the surface processes include water flow and wind flow. The contamination is from chemicals resulted by the mining process. To bear the brunt of heavy health bills due to contamination by chemicals is not pleasant at all. On top of this issue is the loss of biodiversity and formation of sinkholes. Another environmental issue is coal fires and this is an extreme case of pollution by mining activities. In the environment it releases toxic fumes, reignite bush, grass and forest fires causing damage to surface infrastructure like pipelines, roads, bridge supports, buildings and electric lines. Thus stringent measures need to be undertaken to avoid and evade the impact on human and environmental safety.

With these environmental safety will be assured if its followed to the latter. Lithium a mineral is a compound salt that is used for psychiatric medication. Such as lithium grease lubricants, heat resistant glass and ceramics, steel and aluminum production, lithium batteries and flux additives for iron. Astronomically it was synthesized in the Big Bang and has also been found in brown dwarf sub stellar objects and certain anomalous orange stars. Lithium ion batteries especially have recorded massive exports while at the same time a surge in pricing.

They include; assessments, market pricing, forecasting, independent consultancy among many others. Price data collection and company assessment is the specialty of Benchmark intelligence services. Everything to do with lithium anode and cathode raw materials is provided by Benchmark services and they also provide the monthly lithium reference price.

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