5 Online Malls and Stores Where You Can Buy Smartphones in the United States

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The advancement of the internet has pushed many industries to go digital. Traditional stores are now leveraging on the several advantages the online world offers to set up virtual shops that will reach customers from anywhere.

We read the feedback of customers on Collected.Reviews about the best telecom companies and came up with this list of the best online stores to purchase mobile phones online in the United States. They are:

1.  Amazon

Amazon specializes in affordable phones that cater to a mass base of people who don’t like the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a smartphone. And since the majority of devices are supplied free of charge when you order online, you can get your hands fast on your new phone if you purchase from their store. Amazon sells  a range of mobile devices from companies such as LG, Asus and even Chinese suppliers. Amazon is worth a look if you’re after beautiful and inexpensive smartphones.

2.  Best Buy

Best Buy is an excellent option if you choose to purchase a new smartphone online or in physical shops. When you apply for a new smartphone you get to receive it the same day from the online marketplace, as soon as possible. Best Buy sells a great variety of tablets and mobile phones, from affordable phones to the most sophisticated mobile devices today. Better still, it is an approved reseller for big US operators, so you will do so at Best Buy without ever having to go to the location of the company when signing up for a new Verizon or AT&T account. Best Buy’s on-site employees are well-known and new smartphones are available on the day they launch.

3.  Walmart

Like Amazon, Walmart  offers cost-effective smartphones and simple mobile phones. But it also markets the latest models like the Apple iPhones and Galaxy phones, at the top of the scale. Walmart has some influence in its deals with handset manufacturers. Smartphones on Walmart are also sold at a modest price, relative to many of the rivals. Because their stores are located in so many places, finding anything you want shouldn’t be difficult.

4.  Gazelle

Gazelle is an online marketplace where pieces of used equipment are sold. Gazelle guarantees that the device works well and offers it a price based on its condition and overall value. When you don’t really want to spend much on a new smartphone but know it’s time to get something new, you should consider checking out Gazelle. Gazelle is one of several similar used phone sales firms. But it’s a valuable choice for everyone that is considering smartphones that are still cost-effective.

5.  Verizon

Verizon promises free 2-day delivery for most of the phones on their site. You can also choose to ship overnight at an extra cost. Verizon also promised to cancel activation costs for new smartphones amidst the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re trading in your old phone, you don’t have to go to a supermarket; Verizon will ship a package containing a bag, a box and a charged shipment sticker to you.

Beyond doubt, it is much more convenient to shop for goods online than to visit the stores in person. The online stores listed above will provide you with the best option that perfectly suit your needs when you are about to shop for a smartphone online.