Content Marketing As the Main Part of SEO Strategy

The mistake that often occurs in content marketers is not paying attention to SEO. as well as SEO practitioners, rarely pay attention to content. Both parties consider it unimportant. And that makes the website development process not work well.

The key to the success of your website and online business is the use of the right marketing strategies and assisted by search engine optimization.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing effort that is done by displaying content that is beneficial to others in order to get them to know your business.

A content marketer needs knowledge of LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO  so content can get good ratings on search engines.

Then what about the opposite?


Modern SEO is content marketing + SEO

For a long time, someone who works in the SEO field is always trying to find a way to be on the first page of Google.

Whether it’s using backlinks, keywords, or social signals.

the key to SEO, for now we can see from what all parties want in it.

There are 3 parties to SEO: users, websites, and Google.

This is what we all want:

Getting the best information as quickly as possible is what the user wants.

To satisfy users, the best information will appear in the top position by Google.

therefore, to be in the top position you need to do is provide the best information.

therefore content plays an important role.

Good content is the same as quality information.


SEO practitioners must learn content marketing to get the content they want.

So, we can conclude that in digital marketing the position of SEO and Content Marketing is interconnected.


So what to do?

By being aware of the important role of content in SEO, then surely you will after this focus on content creation and content publishing.

Not all content is good for SEO. If made carelessly, it will not produce anything.

Humans do not want to read a lot of unreasonable content, as well as Google.

Therefore, pay attention to the following rules of play:

  • Always prioritize quality content

No one wants to read low quality content, nor will Google want to put low quality content in the top position.

  • The quantity of content is not very important

Quantity is almost always inversely proportional to quality. Unless you have a lot of professional writers.

The more often you publish content, the harder it is to maintain quality.