E-Commerce Conversion Tips You Need To Know


For e-commerce companies, the conversion rate is very decisive in evaluating its success. Without a website visitor becoming a customer, a business cannot sustain for long. With no new sign-ups and click-throughs, a company can generate no sales and profit becomes a farfetched thought. In spite of the knowing the role of conversions in e-commerce, 53 percent of businesses spend merely 5 percent of their overall marketing budget to optimize business conversions. Researches show that around 35 percent of e-commerce businesses have 1 percent conversion rate.


Digital marketers from top digital marketing firms would agree that no matter how much affords and budget a business puts in to generate new leads and traffic to the website, if they don’t invest well in optimizing conversions, all their affords will fail to produce the desired result. So, the question remains how one can increase the conversion rates? Find out here:


Provide proofs on your website

These consist of testimonials, reviews, ratings, and social engagements. Though these are little things, they have a significant impact on the minds of customers who visit a website. It makes them associate the brand with traits like loyalty and trustworthiness. Even though they don’t make any purchase, but they will form a positive image of the brand.


Demonstrate your products to people

As per a study conducted by an e-commerce business, the visitors were 144 percent more likely to purchase after watching the video of a product. By providing customers a 360 demonstration of a product, a business can convert website visitors into sales easily. It also gives the user a better idea of what they are investing in.


Refrain from making customers register to purchase

Customers prefer shopping online because they can save their precious time. They want to maneuver through the checkout process fast and quick. Asking them to register with the site to make the purchase will only turn them off and they will abandon the cart.

Give your customers the option to check out as a guest to minimize the blocks and reduce customers’ disengagement.


If applicable, offer a free trial

Top digital marketing firms around the globe suggests offering services for free generates more conversion. If you provide an email service or a video streaming facility, offer a Free Trail tab along with the Get Now tab doing so increases 159 percent sign ups without affecting the existing accounts. Reason that this tactic works is because customers find themselves in no risk zone when trying a service or a product without a cost.


Include stock number for the product

While selling a physical product, let your customers know how many of these are in the stock. As the numbers go down, customers will have the urgency to buy the product before it finishes. Even without specifying the exact numbers, you can entice a customer to take the desired action.


Suggest products and item similar to the searches

By showing related items to your customer will not only customize your services but would also engage them for long. It will give buyers an impression of shopping offline where he can go through different products and find a perfect fit.