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Areas on the Rooftop That Are Overly Neglected but They Are Risky

There is need for keenness and an exercise of due diligence where you need to keep your employees working on a rooftop safe and free from falls. In most cases, you will find the rooftop edges appropriately guarded and this tends to keep employees safe and free from falls and injuries. However, there are instances where employees or people working and walking on the rooftop tends to fall due to other neglected segments on the rooftop. This means that the overlooked areas demand your focus and capitalization. Jotted below in this article are the neglected or the overlooked segments or areas on the rooftop and yet they demand rooftop guardrail systems as well.

First and foremost, there is need for you to concentrate on the ladder and its access point. Numerous rooftop accidents and falls doesn’t happen when a person is on the rooftop but happens when a person tries to access the rooftop. There is therefore need for you to keep the ladder protected at all times and the access point as well. As much as you need to keep the ladder and the access point safe, you should ensure to have your employees trained on how to effectively and safely use the ladder and access the rooftop. Where you have positioned the right rooftop guardrails on the access point and the employees know how to safely use the ladder and access the rooftop, you are prone to record tremendous success.

The hatchway on the rooftop should be protected as well. This is normally an opening on the rooftop and many people know it as the skylight. With an ongoing rooftop project, you should consider keeping the skylight railed. Today, there are many people who have been injured due to falls through the skylights. There is therefore need for you to look for the best guardrail system that will fit the hatchway alluringly. Training should be availed to your employees on how to use the hatchway access point.

The holes that are generated or developed during the ongoing project and the materials scattered on the rooftop are other overlooked things that cause falls. Some of these materials are pipes and cables. These cables and pipes can cause tripping hence falls. Also, endeavor to have the holes on the rooftop guarded.

The uneven rooftop heights or levels should be focused on as well. There are instances where you will find your rooftop having different heights. Therefore, ensure to have guard rails positioned so as to have the employees working on the rooftop realize that the levels are uneven. As a result, the guard rails will always act as stoppers whenever an employee is absent minded.

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