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Understanding the Need for Using a PBX System in an Organization

The symbol PBX systems normally stands for Private branch exchange. This is normally a private telephone network that can be used to in a company or in any organization. When you use the PBX phone system communication becomes much easier. They are able to exchange information with the people inside the organization and also with the people on the outside world. Communication is made possible by using the different channels available in the PBX that include a voice over the IP and the Analog. The Analog or the ISDN, the voice over the IP can be used as the communication channel in the PBX.

There is that connection of many phones while using the PBX phone system. There are free calls for the members of an organization. It also has some other special features that include; transfers, voice mail call recording, the interactive voice menu(IVRS) and also the ACD call queues.

The PBX phone systems are normally available as hosted, or virtual solutions. One Can also find them in in-house solutions which can be used in one’s own hardware. The PBX phone system are usually much more flexible than proprietary systems. Use of open standards and also interfaces makes this system to be very flexible. The modern PBX phones systems are based on the standard hardware, which is cheaper and also can be easily replaced than the closed system.

A PBX phone system has a lot of benefits which one enjoys while using it. The benefits include it offers centralized control, a PBX system normally offers a Receptionist feature this feature allows all the calls that are coming in to your company’s many phones to be accessed by one number. It means that one should not give out a lot of numbers in an advertisement. One can just list down one number, this is possible while using the PBX system.

A PBX system brings automation. A receptionist who directs the many calls is not needed where there is a PBX system. It works in such a way that there is an auto attendant who directs you to dial a particular number.

A flexible routine is also available. It normally has so many features that are not possible while just using a standard phone. If you are invited to another meeting while waiting for an important call in another office. If the phone rings several times and it is not answered the PBX system allows the phone to be directed to another phone that you can answer at where you are.

A PBX system also allows the phone to be to have a variable access this means that it is answered by the right person at all times. This PBX system makes it possible to have the different extensions in the different access points. There is also cost monitoring the PBX system keeps logs of all the incoming and also all the outgoing calls, this allows you know the number of calls your business received within a given period.

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